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The HP Group embarked on a major project in 2012, investing a considerable sum of 4 million USD to establish a comprehensive line of SMC manhole covers. The Group stands out as the pioneer in the production of this range of covers, having amassed a significant volume of SMC business despite the industry's reliance on traditional Hand Lay-up Module. This success can be attributed to the Group's ability to synergize talent, technology, capital, and resources, thereby attracting international expertise to elevate its products, processes, and offerings to global standards.

The Group remains committed to expanding its distribution footprint across India and international markets, as part of its ongoing strategy to drive business growth. With a proud legacy as India's largest manufacturer of adhesives, the HP Group boasts an annual turnover exceeding 3 Million USD in this business stream alone, and a group turnover surpassing 40 Million USD.

We continue to increase our distribution presence across India and in international markets on an on-going basis and is our key strategy to grow our business. HP Group, is proud to be the largest manufacturer of Adhesives in India. With an annual turnover of over 30 Million USD in only Adhesives and a group turnover of more than 40 Million USD, the HP Group has come a long way for various business streams since its inception in 1978 by the Motwani family. Its interests range from Adhesives, Composite Products, Plumbing Accessories, Textiles, Logistics, Real Estate.


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The advanced vision led HP Adhesives to become one of the most renowned brands in plumbing adhesives. Today, the Company has a wide portfolio of adhesives and sealants with applications across varied industries with our roots spread in India and growing presence in international markets.

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At HP Group, we're dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the composite industry. Our investment in a new composite business in 2012 is a testament to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Our mission is to be a leader in providing high-quality and environmentally responsible composite solutions through continuous innovation.



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